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Where Can I find the latest Driver Information and Downloads?

Dành cho các máy tính thế hệ mới nhất, MAC hoặc các máy tính chủ, để có các driver máy in cập nhật nhất, các phần mềm tiện ích và các bản in mẫu thực hiện như sau: - Click tại đây để tải về các driver máy in cập nhật nhất dành cho dòng sản phẩm máy in DocuPrint hoặc Phaser - Click tại đây để tải về các thông tin của máy in – Driver máy in căn bản, Hướng dẫn vận hành máy in

How Can I Get Support For My Fuji Xerox Product?

Support is available from the Online Support Assistant or email Support.aus@fujixerox.com or by calling 1800 811 177 in Australia or 0800 449 177 in New Zealand. Hours of operation are 8.00 am - 6.00 pm, Monday – Friday (AEST). Please have the product's model, serial numbers and the proof of purchase ready.

Where Can I Find The Serial Number?

Printer Model Location
DocuPrint 203A
DocuPrint 204A
DocuPrint 205
DocuPrint 2065
DocuPrint 240A
DocuPrint 255
DocuPrint 305
DocuPrint 3055
DocuPrint 340A
DocuPrint C1110
DocuPrint C1618
DocuPrint C2428
DocuPrint C2535A
DocuPrint C4350
DocuPrint C525A
Phaser 3428
WorkCentre 220
WorkCentre 222
WorkCentre 228
On Rear cover
DocuPrint C2090 Rear Cover right hand side
DocuPrint C2100 Open door A on the label on Left Hand Side
DocuPrint C3055 On the back of the printer on the label
DocuPrint C3210 Open door A on the label on Left Side
DocuPrint C3290 On the back of the printer on the label
DocuPrint N2125 Inside back cover on
DocuPrint N4525 Inside print cart. door, hold door at 45° angle
DocuPrint P1210 On the back in the middle
DocuScan C3200A
DocuScan C4250
On the rear right side
Phaser 1235 Inside of front cover
Phaser 2135 Under top cover
Phaser 3110
Phaser 3115
Phaser 3116
Phaser 3120
Phaser 3121
Phaser 3130
Phaser 3210
Phaser 3310
On the back of the machine above the power socket
Phaser 3400 Open top cover; on left side
Phaser 4400 Inside back door, bottom right
Phaser 4510 Remove Lower tray and look on the frame
Phaser 5400 Left side frame just inside the MBF door
Phaser 5500 Open Door A, find a white sticker with a barcode on the printer's frame. The sticker should be located under the left orange fuser locking screw.
Phaser 6200
Phaser 6250
Phaser 6350
Phaser 6360
Open door A, above to the right of imaging unit
Phaser 7300 Under top cover at the back of the machine near the fuser
Phaser 7700
Phaser 7750
Phaser 7760
Inside front door, left on chassis
Phaser 8200
Phaser 8400
Phaser 8500
Phaser 8550
Phaser 8560
Phaser 8560MFP
LHS Chassis behind front door
Phaser 860 open front cover, left side 
WorkCentre 3119 On the back of the printer above the power switch, serial number is located on the data plate
WorkCentre 4150 Open the right side cover, open the front cover, the serial number is located on the panel above the toner (Dry Ink) cartridge  
WorkCentre C2424 open front cover, right of peach separator pad 
WorkCentre PE220 On the back in the middle

What Does My Warranty Cover?

Your warranty covers all parts and labour for the duration of the warranty period. This excludes consumables and supplies. Certain zone charges may apply.

Warranty offerings vary by printer model.  Refer to your warranty card or user manual for full details of the Terms and Conditions

You may purchase an extended warranty during the first 90 days of ownership. Thereafter, a maintenance contract can be purchase. Kindly Email FXPC.Warranty@aus.fujixerox.com or call 1800 811 177 (AUS) or 0800 449 177(NZ) for more details.

Is It Advisable To Use Non-Genuine Fuji Xerox Toners and Inks In My Printer?

Alternatives to genuine Xerox Consumables, Parts and Supplies (CPS) are available to customers in many locations around the world. Customers have a right to purchase and use the CPS of their choice; however, Fuji Xerox Printers is not responsible for performance problems or product failures found in its printers that are caused by Non-Xerox (NX) CPS use.

The cost to repair damage or performance problems that directly results from the use of NX CPS in Fuji Xerox printers is not covered by the Fuji Xerox Printers Warranty, Service Agreement, Parts Warranty, or Consumables Warranty.

Presence of NX CPS in or in the area of the printer is not proof that damage or performance problems were caused by its use. Proof must be positive identification of the cause of the damage or performance problem and attributed to the use of the NX CPS.

Use of NX CPS does not void the Fuji Xerox product warranty or service agreement. However, customers are ultimately responsible for reimbursing Fuji Xerox Printers and its representatives for all costs associated with repairing the damage or performance problem that is determined to be caused by the use of NX CPS.

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